So I’m a pretty big music “nerd”. I put nerd in quotes because I wouldn’t necessarily say that liking music and the process of putting it together is nerdy.

Case in point: Jacob Collier. This guy fascinates the hell out of me. I mean, perfect pitch aside, the stuff that goes on in his head and how he writes music is astounding to me. But he represents the thing I like the absolute MOST about music: individuality.

The fascinating thing about music, just as with story writing, is that there are literally 1,000’s of ways to put music together, and all of them can be uniquely yours. Sure, you have inspirations and the such, but to go out and make music that is a reflection of – what is essentially – yourself is a truly personal experience. At the same time, when creating music with friends, it’s at once personal and collaborative. Every person who is apart of making music, is inserting themselves into their individual parts of the song. It’s kind of profound in a way. If you took two people, and had them write the exact same type of song, I guarantee you’d have two completely different interpretations. In the same respect, if you gave those same two people a melody and asked them to fill out the piece, you’d have two completely different takes on the same melody (if you exclude music theory and part writing rules and such…giving someone a box to write inside can sometimes lead to predictable outcomes).

That’s why the creative process fascinates me. Each person brings with them different life experiences, which influences their interpretations, which shines through their art. It’s lovely really.

Just my two cents for the day.

I’d like to delve deeper into the ideas behind the creative process: like what drives people to create the things they create. Maybe my first podcast can be centered around that question? We shall see.


First blog post

Appropriate blog title is appropriate.

Hi there internet! My name is Justin and my life is just as chaotic and uneventful as yours. I understand that both of those words are juxtapositions of each other…it was intentional.

I received the idea for this page from my best friend who told me that I’m a good writer, and I should start up a site where I can post all of my random thoughts, and introspective, emotional Facebook statuses in one centralized location. OK that second one wasn’t something he said, but it was something that I thought of. And the more I thought about it…the more I wanted to do it.

But I was facing an inner dilemma: I didn’t want to just write the same old things over and over again. I can only be so philosophical before I run out of words and intellectual illusions. I wanted to start a site that allowed me to post and cover all of the things that interest me. I’d like to think of myself as well versed in a lot of different topics: music, film, sports, social commentary (I don’t want to say politics…because…I hate that), social media…you get the picture. My brain is constantly channel surfing, searching for something to keep me occupied. Sometimes it’s writing music, other times it’s playing video games, or reading comics.

All things interest me in some aspect, and I want to talk about all of them.

Now don’t get me wrong; I have my main passions: music, percussion, teaching, creative writing, ¬†mixed martial arts, football…my go to’s. And more than likely this site will be flooded with posts about those topics. But like I said, I want to talk about everything.

My intentions are to create content that appeals to the masses. I want to write/talk/film things people are interested in experiencing from my point of view.

In the coming days, I’ll be contributing more to this blog, and as I figure out how this site works (it’ll take me a few days I’m sure), the page itself will start to take shape. I want to start filming some shorts, start a podcast…start a schedule for content: to streamline things. I’ve always been pretty bad at that if I’m being honest, so I’ll be using this site to keep me on the up and up.

I’m looking forward to this. It’ll be hectic, scatter brained, and quite possibly stressful…

But I couldn’t be more excited about it.