I like to write music.

So, yeah I like to write music. A lot. My problem is that sometimes the things that go through my head don’t always wind up on paper the way I’d like it to. I’m getting better though. It’s a process.

But this one did pretty much end up how I wanted. For the most part. My computer couldn’t really handle the sound plugins, so it was hard to properly mix it, but I think it came out pretty good. I’d also like to add more to it. More melody perhaps…just something to keep in mind.

It’s always interesting to me when certain riffs or beats pop into my head. Often it’s by random circumstance; like I just start singing a riff, or nodding to something. Really there isn’t anything spectacular that happens. No real epiphanies. I mean, not always. Most epiphanies I get are in regards to something already in progress.

Anyways, enjoy!

Post Script: I’ve been pretty MIA recently with the whole…blog…stuff. No reason in particular, just haven’t had much of an itching to write really. I’ll be posting more soon. I have some things in my head that I’m ironing out in terms of plot logistics and what not. It’ll be great. I promise.

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