Keeping my Lantern Lit

Do we believe that there’s a higher power, and grander plan for people taken too soon? Are they brought to a better place to become lager parts of the whole? The universe is so mysterious and magical, so terrifying and wonderful…maybe they were all sacrificed to secure it’s secrets. That they existed in the first place to provide us with so much knowledge and love that we would eventually figure out that we are capable of things that many would deem impossible.

But the ones taken too soon…the ones who provided that love we all so needed were the essential cogs and catalysts to those revelations. Taken from us because the universe, or God – however you want to label that ever existent power that looms large over us –  needed to keep us here, and needed them there.

The taken are needed for purposes we don’t understand. Or maybe they aren’t, and life just isn’t fair.

But whether we believe it or not, everything that has happened has happened. That’s about as truthful of a statement that can be made. What has been left for us is what we have…nothing more or less.

But memories…those are the secrets the universe allows us to keep. The glimpses of our past with the ones taken too soon, those are the small pieces of understanding allowed to us. We cling to these remnants with all of our might, hoping that the story that was already written can continue. That the memory already imprinted has an extra scene.

But they don’t. And no matter how hard we try…they never will. What is there, is there. Nothing more, and nothing less.

If we are lucky, and the universe allows, when we dream we can find them again. Tucked away in the furthest corner of what is known, they sit. Sometimes waiting for us, sometimes unaware they are there, but rather surely here…with us. But someday, when we visit…they won’t be waiting. They won’t have traveled here…they just won’t be.

To not be anymore…to be in the dark. Surrounded by…nothing.

Surely they haven’t forgotten us, surely they haven’t. They are just lost. Like all of us are at some point in time…lost among the cold, the dark…lost in time somewhere between here and there. All they need is a light to show them the way. To show them the way back to us, back to our corner, where all of our stories exist in the same place. Where they will always be.

We will leave lanterns along the path. We will…leave lanterns…along the path.

Surely they haven’t forgotten us, surely they haven’t. They are just lost. Like all of us, at…some…point. Surely they…haven’t…

The lights here are meant to guide weary souls. Lost in the darkness, in search of their stories. Meant to help them find their way back to the ones who search in dreams for those same stories. But from the other side.

The lanterns. They’re lit to show us the way back, but we don’t know why we are here in the first place.

Surely we couldn’t have forgotten, surely we couldn’t have.

As the days grow shorter, and the darkness expands…the light remains. The lanterns were left to help weary souls find their way home. I’ll leave them there.

The stories left in the corner of the universe were meant to hold the secrets the universe allowed for us to keep.

We lose the ones we love too soon because they held the secrets the universe wanted to keep. They were needed for grander things. The memories left of them were the secrets the universe allowed us to keep. Sometimes in our dreams we get to visit them.

Our memories are the secrets the universe allowed us to keep.

The ones who were taken too soon, they held the secrets of the universe. We leave our lanterns lit for them to find their way back to our little corner of the universe. Where our stories and secrets are kept.

The secrets we get to keep are the…

The lanterns help us remember…the…

The stories fade as the years grow longer, and the universe takes it’s secrets back.

Surely they couldn’t have forgotten. But we did.

Our lanterns were meant for them, but over time were left for ourselves. The secrets we were allowed to keep became blurred and lost. Surely we couldn’t have forgotten. We went back and tried to find them, retracing our steps. Surely they couldn’t have forgotten us. Backtracking over thoughts, we searched the lengths of the universe…only to find it’s secrets were now someone else’s.

Surely they couldn’t have forgotten.

But we did.

The lanterns were left in the corner of the universe where all of our secrets sit.

Now they light the way for us to find our way back to those we left too soon. Those who learn of the universe from the secrets we left to them.

The lights guide the way.


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