I think it’s time for a story…

Disclaimer: Work of fiction. Stream of consciousness writing. Stuff I like to do for fun. 


Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be famous.

Not that nobody ever wants to be famous – that’s obviously not the case. But I wanted to be famous in the way that Walt Disney is famous: world renown, a house hold name.

Filthy rich. 

And not just like, “Yeah I’m pretty comfortable” rich…no. Like…I own enough real estate to establish myself a tiny little continent that I claim for myself and let my friends kick it there whenever they want to. No rent. No taxes. No government. Just one rule:


Eat all of the food I ship in from exotic places like…I don’t know, wherever you can get the best pizza and junk food. Italy? Sure. Italy. Switzerland…right? Swiss chocolate? Hell, let’s bring in some food from South and Central America while we’re at it.

Filthy Rich. 

I want to buy my own seat on the United Nations, and only downvote things.

I want to impose national holidays and traditions like a legit Caturday where the main street in my main city displays billboards consisting entirely of ugly looking cats.

I got that idea from a friend.

But I want to work for it. I want to earn it. I don’t want to be famous like the Kardashian’s are famous. That’s so fleeting. I want to be remembered for the work I put in. For the hustle I showed on my way to the top.

There isn’t much hustle in a 9-5 though. There’s no improvement when you’re working to live. There’s no fame in gentle sacrifice. There’s only everyday. And everyday turns into every week. And that turns into every month, and every year.

And every year it’s the same story: you paid out 10,000 in bills and earned 12,000 gross income.

There’s no fame in mediocrity.

But ever since I can remember…I wanted to be famous.

But what’s my motivation? What’s my drive? To be famous? Is that a real goal? Is that something worth fighting for?

Some say yes…I say…well I say yes too.

But if there’s no room to grow, how do you achieve what you want?

Upset the status quo? Super villains say that. People who intend bad things say that…but what I want to do isn’t bad. It’s self fulfilling prophecy. It’s self improvement. It’s…being better.

And isn’t that what we’re designed to do? Strive to be better…to leave this world better than we encountered it. We’re born as nothing, strive to become something, and in turn push the human existence to new heights.

But how can we do that when we’re so…bogged down? When we’re held down by a system that doesn’t allow us to flourish without giving in to what it wants…

Why do some people get what they want, but others….no…don’t get what want?

In what world is that fair? At what point is it bad to stand up and TAKE what we-I want?

And when does going after something a lot of people want become a bad thing? When I turn it around and make it for selfish reasons? What if it still benefits the whole? What if it still brings real change to others?

Is it still bad to destroy one thing if it means a lot of others (including myself) get something else in return?

Ever since I can remember…I wanted to be famous.

Filthy rich. 

If it’s not going to happen by normal means…I’m going to have to force it to happen by any means necessary.

You may call it crime…call me a criminal…but is it because what I’m doing is bad?

…Or because you didn’t do it first?



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